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Ad Hoc B&B - Gozo

Tamarisk, Triq Ghajn Qamar
Ix-Xagħra XRA 2601, Gozo (Malta)

Telephone +356 99300724

Xaghra rises on a hill located in the nort-east side of the island and it’s one of the earliest inhabited village of Gozo. The main attraction of the village is the archeologic site of Gigantia (Ggantija in local language) which date back to the years 3600-2800 B.C. and Unesco world heritage site since 1980.
Just off the archeologic site there is Tà Kola windmill, built in 1725 and actually still in working condition.
The hotspot of Xaghra is the main square in front of the church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. It’s also known among locals as “ Il-Vitoria” (the Victory) so called to celebrate of the Knights of St.John over Islam. Here you can find good quality restaurants and bars and other amenities.
From the square on the road who leads to Marsalforn you can reach the Calypso Cave where the legend says that Ulysses bewitched by the Nymph spent seven idle years.