Gozo lies in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago.
It is about one third the size of Malta and it is more a fishing and farming community with a spectacular and colourful countryside.
Flat-topped hills and green fields characterize the landscape whilst the coastline is sidelined by high cliffs which sometimes take a remarkable natural shape such as The Azure Window,
a stone arch rock that was formed millions of years ago when a limestone cave collapsed.
Next to the rock there are two popular underwater diving sites, known as The Blue Hole and The Chimney.
The largest village of the island is Victoria, Rabat for the locals, with a population of over 6000 people.
In the heart of it lies “ The Citadella “ which was either the centre of activity of the island and a fortification, with its massive defensive stone walls,
protecting the village community against the raiders coming from oversea. A walk along these bastions offers a stunning view of Gozo.
There are many sandy beaches in the island with Ramla Bay the favourite tourist destination. San Blas Bay, Dahlet Qorrot, Xlendy Bay and Marsalforn
Bay with its characteristic bars and restaurants also deserve a visit as well as the many seaside resorts alongside the coastline very popular with tourists and locals.
Gozo is worldwide known as one of the top scuba diving destination as a result of the calm waters, high visibility and diversity of underwater caves, wrecks and reefs.
Despite being just 20 mins away by ferry from Malta it is miles away from its lifestyle !
The island has kept throughout the years its natural rural characteristics giving the tourists a relaxed and comfortable feel.
The relationship between the Gozitans and the people of different nationalities that occupied Malta over the centuries has created a marriage of styles and
traditions among the population, giving to Gozo a fascinating eclectic culture.
Another touristic attraction of the island is its carnival and many people come all over from Malta to experience its unique atmosphere especially in the
village of Nadur where locals dress up in colourful and also outrageous costumes.
For those holidaymakers who are seeking adventure and exploration Gozo offers its best with rugged landscape and a spectacular coastline.
The terrain is ideal for walking, trekking, cycling and rock climbing and the coastline offers the opportunities for sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, Kayaking, fishing and diving.
Gozo offers also a wide range of archaeological sites, the most fascinating is Ggantija with its megaliths temples dating 3600 B.C.
If you are looking for some exercise or just wish to revive and relax wellness centres and spas with state of the art equipment and highly qualified staff are available in the island.
The Maltese food has its quite remarkable part on attracting people with a right mix of rustic and seafood based on the season.
Gozo is the ideal spot for a sunny and relaxing holiday that always will end with the unique desire of coming back.
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Ad Hoc B&B - Gozo

Tamarisk, Triq Ghajn Qamar
Ix-Xagħra XRA 2601, Gozo (Malta)

Telephone +356 99300724

Xaghra rises on a hill located in the nort-east side of the island and it’s one of the earliest inhabited village of Gozo. The main attraction of the village is the archeologic site of Gigantia (Ggantija in local language) which date back to the years 3600-2800 B.C. and Unesco world heritage site since 1980.
Just off the archeologic site there is Tà Kola windmill, built in 1725 and actually still in working condition.
The hotspot of Xaghra is the main square in front of the church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. It’s also known among locals as “ Il-Vitoria” (the Victory) so called to celebrate of the Knights of St.John over Islam. Here you can find good quality restaurants and bars and other amenities.
From the square on the road who leads to Marsalforn you can reach the Calypso Cave where the legend says that Ulysses bewitched by the Nymph spent seven idle years.